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PTS is a web-based online pallet monitoring system that can be accessed through a web browser on any device platform.

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PMR Pallet Ltd. Co. is committed long term of helping our customers achieve their goals. We offer value to our customers by providing them quality products and services, and building quality relationships.

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PPLC's Latest News

PMR Pallet Ltd. Co. is expanding its Heat Treatment (HT) service to help companies with their export needs.

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PMR Pallet Ltd. Co.

One of the most leading pallet providers in the country, Pacific Manufacturing Resources (PMR) has over 34 years of pallet-industry experience in countries leading in economy such as US, Japan, Korea and has been part of pallet industry in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. As PMR expanded and focused further with pallet industry in 2003, PMR Pallet Ltd. Co. (PPLC) was incorporated in the Philippines. With its vast excellence and knowledge in pallet management services, PMR Pallet Ltd. Co. has been on the steeple of excellence in pallet services in the country today.

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