Pacific Manufacturing Resources (PMR) was established in 1987 as an international sales and management company. We have over 34 years of pallet-industry experience in the US, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia. In 2003, PMR Pallet Ltd. Co. (PPLC) was incorporated in the Philippines to better address the growing demands of the pallet business.

One warehouse and office is located in LIIP Binan Laguna, where several science and industrial parks are situated. With this excellent location PMR Pallet Ltd. Co. can provide excellent services to industries near them and prove that they are on the steeple of excellence of pallet providing services.

PMR Pallet Ltd. Co. also has a warehouse located in Davao City, PMR strategically situated one of its warehouses within the business economic zone to provide quality and excellent pallet management to cater the needs of leading manufacturing industries in Davao City to help industries bring their products and showcase to the global market.

Company History